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What is a Yurt?

Yurt is Russian for ‘Dwelling’. It is a nomadic shelter lived in for thousands of years by tribes from the near East and Central Asia, from Iran to Mongolia. An Asian ‘tipi’ so to say; but as you will see infinitely more comfortable and practical.

In essence, a circular wooden framed tent. It comprises a lattice wall upon which rests a conical roof supported meeting in a central compression ring. Historically they would be covered in hide. Today however they have felt insulation and watertight canvas protection with decorative inners and outer layers covered in traditional folk designs. The circular dome gives a very small wind shadow and the lattice walls compress to absorb the energy of gusting winds. In temperatures of –50C tribesman have stayed warm insulated by the thick layer of felt and heated by a stove. In the heat of summer the dome is opened and the skirts lifted allowing good ventilation but still providing valuable shade from the sun in a shelter less expanse.

Yurts evolved on the exposed Central Asia Steppes where they would provide reliable shelter in ferocious storms and sub-zero temperatures. The original design of the yurt with its dome placed on a trellis wall creating an incredibly spacious circle makes for an ideal nomadic home, portable protection from the elements.

For nomads, very simply, there exists the everyday necessity of living in harmony with nature, otherwise they can’t survive – and this situation never changes.

- Where Horses Fly Like The Wind - Silk Road Film Series

yurt construction diagram

Within all cultures the circle remains the symbol of unity, representing the wholeness of all things and our interconnectedness with nature. Shelter by Nomadic people is viewed as a sacred space, and everything in the Yurt is orientated in the four directions thus acting as a physical compass.

Staying in a Yurt reminds us of what is important, giving us the opportunity to experience few possessions, our relationship with nature and the gift of simplicity. All of which are often lost in modern day life.

The true basis for the more serious study of the art of architecture lies with those indigenous more humble buildings everywhere, that are to architecture what folklore is to literature, or folksong to music…. functions are truthfully conceived and rendered invariably with natural feeling. Results are often beautiful and always instructive.

- Frank Lloyd Wright - A Testament

Come stay in a Yurt. Experience the uplifting and calming effects of living without corners in a circular space. The Yurts architecture is not only extremely practical but also aesthetic; it’s lines pleasing to the eye. Living in a circular space is a unique experience conducive to balance and harmony.

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